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Our staff shape the movement’s future by joining an MSF Association. Our success is a testament to them.

MSF is a vibrant movement made up of people from all corners of the world who share a common purpose: to save the lives and alleviate the suffering of people in danger by delivering medical care where it is needed most.

Our success over the past 40 years is a testament to these people, who have dedicated their time and expertise to MSF’s work overseas and at home.

To continue this success our staff – past and present – can shape the movement’s future by becoming a member of an MSF Association.

Each of the 23 MSF offices is an association – an organisation owned by members, who not only shape and safeguard the work of their MSF offices but also join together to shape the future of the MSF movement.

How do MSF Associations work?

Becoming a member means taking collective responsibility for MSF. And because the people making the decisions have worked with MSF, the organisation stays focused on medical care and our core principles: independence, impartiality and neutrality.

The MSF UK Association

In the UK, association members elect the UK Board of Trustees, who govern of their behalf.

The Board of Trustees is ultimately responsible for what MSF UK does. It appoints our Executive Director, takes responsibility for the actions of MSF UK and works to guarantee that the MSF principles are respected.

The Board delegates the implementation of strategy to the MSF UK management team, who run the office day-to-day. Every six weeks the Board meets to ensure MSF UK is well run and achieving its objectives.

The MSF UK Association is subject to the Memorandum of Association and Articles filed at Companies House. The Memorandum of Articles describes the internal workings of MSF UK.

If you are a UK MSFer, you can access the UK Association website here.

The MSF Movement

Elected representatives, from the UK, meet together with colleagues from the other MSF associations contributing their voices to the global discussions shaping MSF’s work.

During the annual International General Assembly the MSF President is appointed and an International Board chosen. They are responsible for bringing coherence to our vibrant and diverse movement.

Who can become an Association member?

MSF field staff, office staff and office volunteers may apply to join after they have worked with MSF for six months.

Their contribution to MSF may have been with any section and in any mission. They do not have to live in the UK, nor be a UK citizen.

MSF’s staff take control

Association members are ambassadors for MSF. They promote MSF’s ideals, aims and mission, raising awareness of what MSF is and what it stands for.

Nurse Janet Hearn has worked with MSF in Angola, Sudan and Nigeria. Back in the UK she works at Addenbrookes Hospital, Cambridge but she still contributes to MSF as a member of the MSF UK association.

Janet is an ambassador for MSF, telling her community about the crises we are responding to and explaining our humanitarian response.

The power of the associations

The MSF Associations turn our organisation in to a powerful movement, lead by the people who work for us, which is responsive to the realities of delivering medical aid in the world’s most challenging places and open to new ideas.